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Asymmetrical VII

During the last years we received a lot of suggestions to improve the blade series; we appreciated every one of it. One group requested more aggressiveness, the other more stability, and so on. Well, again the Tasked for our pilots was to fly these blades a lot and come up with suggestions for improvement. The results are amazing, the blades are more stable than before, even thought we were able to maintain the smooth and precise reactions to any steering inputs. These asymmetrical blades are very efficient. The asymmetrical airfoil does have a better lift to drag coefficient, nearly increasing the flight time to 100 % compared to a standard blade. Due to the stable flight performance we can recommend these blades for inexperienced as well as experienced pilots, who do not like to fly 3D maneuver or for scale pilots, who like to reduce the engine rpm for a better scale view. The special airfoil in combination with the further to the tip positioned center of gravity enables flights with reduced rpm. The well known flight instability has been decreased considerably and will be clearly noticeable when approaching stall conditions. Needless to say, we are using our improved production procedures for these blades too. We do not drill the bolt hole anymore; the hole is produced during the production process. This prevents any damage to the surrounding fibers, improving the strength of the blades considerably without the usage of additional material. We were able to locate some stronger fiber material which can be seen in the built in CFK window. We did our best not to change the well known SpinBlade logo. We pay special attention to balancing the blades (0,05 g max difference) to insure smooth flying comfort.
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